Textbooks in Education

Primary and secondary education are not going very well. We have examined every possible cause except one, the textbook.

Put in a Little House on the Prairie DVD and I swear Laura Ingalls Wilder could be attending my daughter’s school. We have gone from horse and buggy to cars to planes. Computers replaced calculators, which replaced slide rules. Yet, we are still using antiquated technology (textbooks) in schools. And, no, digitizing that same textbook for an iPad is not going to make a difference.

IDEA Replace the textbook with blueprints. If architects can build skyscrapers with them, I think we can teach today’s youth. Imagine a blueprint on science. Where does matter fit? How does it relate to chemistry? Does chemistry lead to cells? Blueprints connect the dots. Students no longer memorize, but instead learn spatially. Close your eyes and picture the answer.

And each chapter or theme in the old textbook could be a blueprint. Start with the science primer, move to a blueprint on motion/forces. From there move toward matter and onto chemistry. Everything ties together. And the blueprints cost a couple dollars to print. Each student is given a set to take home. Can you imagine parents reactions when their child shows up with science blueprints. Tax dollars very well spent!