Merrill Lynch and Sales Force Allocation

Sales Force allocation baffles most companies. At the end of the day, best people work the largest clients. I feel for the new employee. S/he often gets the worst clients dumped at his/her feet.

IDEA Client spend is not the most important criteria. Take someone who lives in a $10M estate in Beverly Hills. This may be a $50 million client for Merrill Lynch, but do they realize just down the road is another client who only invests $1M with the firm? In other words, if I put my best sales professional on client two, is my potential upside ~$49M, assuming they live in similar homes?

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see using real estate value is a great idea. But what if I told you there are more than 50 factors that can be used to evaluate the “upside” of an opportunistic client? Everything from bio information to things like commuting distance.