Sales: Information Flows are Key

Let’s put together a 3 inch binder on General Mills and have an all day targeting session. Net effect. None. Why? What’s in today’s binder will not help us sell a thing tomorrow.

Revenue from new clients requires a campaign approach. Sales professionals need to stay front of mind and wait for their opening. It may be the current provider makes a mistake or the target company needs a second opinion on something important. You need a reason to contact the target. You need a conversation starter. We call this a “touchpoint.”

IDEA Go for the long tail of information. Everyone can do a Google News search or pick up the Wall Street Journal, but what if computers could scour the entire internet, everything from trade journals to Twitter. There are plenty of clipping services out there, but they either deliver the most popular articles or all the articles sorted by date.

We are talking about a smart algorithm that determines the most opportunistic General MillsĀ events each day, from a sales point-of-view. Sales professionals find this approach not only starts the conversation, but the targeted executive often asks for a copy of the article, since it’s the first s/he has heard of it.