6 Degrees of Separation

About the time Anthem and Wellpoint were merging, we were trying to win a significant engagement with the merged firm. We knew Wellpoint very well, but had no relationships at Anthem.

Our clients included a company on the west coast that made RVs. Turns out one of the board members at Anthem was also a board member at this RV company. One call later and we had both intelligence and a way in to this board member.

Another Anthem executive used to be CEO of a Boston-based company. They, too, were a client. A call to our Boston team revealed we had along-standing relationship and an employee who attended church with the Anthem executive.

IDEA Using named entity recognition, executive bios can be parsed for past employers, board memberships, even non-profit affiliations. This information is loaded into databases along with our current client list and ally our team member assigned to those clients. Searching on an organization name instantly brings up all zero, one and two degree connections into the targeted company.