Quora’s Weekly Digest

I must have signed up for Quora, because now I get a weekly digest. Interestingly, they call it “my” digest?

But it’s not personalized in the least. I have no interest in Craigslist’s genesis. If I did, I would go to Wikipedia. Same with favorite parable. I suspect Quora sent 1MM of these weekly digests and we all pretty much got the same material. Why?

Perhaps if I was a heavy user, an algorithm would have learned my interests? But I am not a heavy user. And this digest isn’t helping.

IDEA¬†Don’t source interests from my activity on your (Quora) web site. This requires too much of a training set. If I post 1000 messages, I will get a better digest (maybe). But it’s the first 10 messages I post where you are trying to convert me into a regular user.

Ask me where I work, then index my web site. Ask me my position and index job postings with similar titles. Ask for my LinkedIn and Twitter URLs and index those too. I provide Quora metadata about myself. One layer below that metadata is enough data to classify me into a thin slice… a starting point.

For example, let’s say my title is marketing manager and I work at a Big Four accounting firm. Quora spiders every job posting for marketing at an accounting firm, analyzing the resulting text for themes (popular keywords/phrases). Quora then uses these same themes to search Quora postings each week. The intersection of the two? My personalized¬†newsletter.


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